Border Patrol Employment

In addition to possessing the characteristics of honesty, loyalty, and integrity, you must satisfy the following
requirements in order to qualify for Border Patrol employment:

1. You must be a United States citizen.

2. You must possess a valid automobile driver’s license.

3. You must pass entry-level testing, which consists of logical reasoning abilities, language testing, and an assessment of your past experiences.

Since Border Patrol Agents must speak and read Spanish, applicants are required to take either an artificial language test designed to predict the ability to learn a foreign language, or a Spanish proficiency test designed to test fluency in Spanish. You MUST LEARN Spanish at the Border Patrol Academy, but it is not a requirement to KNOW Spanish to be hired.

4. To qualify for a GS-5 position: You must have a substantial background of experience (paid, voluntary, part or full-time), with at least one year on a comparable level of difficulty and responsibility to grade GS-4 in the federal service. Experience does not have to be in the law enforcement field. (You must describe all work experience in your application
for employment in order to be considered.)


If you do not have the above experience, you may substitute successful completion of one full academic year of college undergraduate study for three months of general experience, two years of college for six months of experience, three years of college for nine months of experience, and four years of college for one year of experience providing you will receive your bachelor’s degree within nine months of the date of application. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university will substitute for one full year of required experience. Your college work must have demonstrated your ability
to learn the duties and responsibilities of a Border Patrol Agent.

To qualify for a GS-7 level position: You must have one year of law enforcement experience comparable in level of difficulty and responsibility to a GS-5.


You may substitute completion of one year of graduate education in law or in a field related to law enforcement (e.g., police science, criminal justice). If you already have a bachelor’s degree and can provide your GPA and official transcripts, you may meet the superior academic achievement provision which makes you eligible for GS-7.

5. You must be in excellent physical condition. Agents are routinely involved in duties that require physical exertion under harsh environmental conditions. To safely and effectively perform these duties, you must be in sound physical condition and of good muscular development. You must also pass a urinalysis drug test. Binocular vision must be correctable to 20/20. Monocular vision is generally disqualifying. Uncorrected distance vision should be at least 20/100 in each eye. Vision in each eye must be corrected to 20/20. The ability to distinguish colors is required. Depth perception must be equal to or better than 70 second of arc. Peripheral vision must be normal. Refractive surgery procedures such as radial kerototomy, photorefractive surgery (laser), keratoplasty, and lasik surgery are considered acceptable provided that the individual is free of postoperative complications and that vision meets the standards.

6. You must be younger than 40 at the time of appointment. This limitation may be waived for applicants who are presently in federal civilian law enforcement positions covered under the special retirement provisions of P.L. 100-
238 or for those who have been in such positions in the past.

7. You must appear before an oral interview panel and demonstrate that you possess the abilities and other characteristics important to Border Patrol Agent positions. Among these are: interpersonal skills, judgment, and problem-solving abilities.

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